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Why is my Traeger grill not getting hot enough?

Why isn’t my grill getting hot enough? Poor airflow in the grill, which can be caused by too much ash buildup in the firepot, rusted holes in the firepot, a tightened chimney cap, a weak induction fan, or the RTD temperature probe inside the grill is dirty or leaning towards the body of the grill.

How do you fix a low temp on a Traeger?

How to Fix LEr Code on Traeger

  1. Check the fire pot for dust, make sure your grill is clean as it might be a cause of your low temp.
  2. There might be problems with a heat sensor. So, restart it and see how it goes further.
  3. Maybe there are problems with p-setting, which is ‘p’ setting. You should restart it too.

Why won’t my pellet grill heat up?

When you see it, it could mean one of two things: Either the grill is overheating, or the temperature probe wire isn’t properly connected. Overheating may be caused by excess fuel, an issue that can be resolved by turning the grill off and clearing the pellets from the firebox.

Why does my Traeger take so long to heat up?

Unusual heat oscillation

The most common problem of Traeger grill is its unusual heat swings. Sometimes it takes a long time to heat up. Depending on outside temperature the grill takes 5 or 10 minutes to heat up. When you use your Traeger for the first time it will take approximately 7 minutes.

How do I know if my Traeger Hot Rod is bad?

Check the Hot Rod

  1. If the Induction Fan turns on – the controller is fine, and the Hotrod is bad.
  2. If the Hotrod turns on (3+ minutes) and the induction fan does not – the controller is bad, and the components are fine.
  3. If neither component is turning on – the controller and the Hotrod need to be replaced.
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How hot should my Traeger get on high?

How hot can a Traeger grill get? Traeger grills have their highest temperature setting calibrated at about 450F, but the actual temperature reached while grilling varies by ambient temperature and quality, dryness, and hardwood blend of the pellets. Most often, a Traeger grill on HIGH runs from a range of 350F to 450F.

What to do if you run your Traeger out of pellets?

Running out of Pellets during a Cook

  1. Once cool, pull out the grate, the drip tray and the heat baffle.
  2. Look in the firepot to ensure it is not full of pellets. …
  3. Turn the grill on and set to a high temperature.
  4. Wait for the auger to fill with pellets and then turn off the grill.
  5. Replace the heat baffle, drip tray and grates.

Why does my Traeger keep saying HEr?

HEr messages can occur when the insides of the grill are not in place (drip tray, heat baffle, grill grates). Make sure all the internal parts of the grill are placed correctly in the grill and are undamaged. Ensure there is no damage to the drip tray, heat baffle, or firepot, such as warping or rust.

Do you have to prime the auger on a Traeger every time?

New member. Timmy said: After you prime it once it is good to go every time. UNLESS you purge and clean the auger tube, then you will have to prime the auger again.

How long will a Traeger grill last?

Traeger says that means each 20 pound bag provides between 6 to 20 hours of cook time (at high or low heat).

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How long does a Traeger hot rod last?

Traeger says it should last about a year or two.

How long does it take for a Traeger hot rod to turn red?

When a Traeger is turned on, the igniter rod is activated, the auger begins to feed pellets into the firepot, and the draft induction fan feeds air into the firepot. The igniter rod glows red hot for the first four minutes of operation – just long enough to ignite the pellets in the firepot.

How often should I clean my Traeger?

Make sure all grill components are cold before vacuuming up the extra ash. We recommend cleaning your Traeger once for every 5 times you use it.

How do I update my Traeger grill?

To check the status of your update, turn on your grill and, using the controller, select Menu > Settings > About Grill. Once updated, it will display “SW Ver 02.00. 00”. You can then re-pair your grill with the Traeger App.

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